Beautiful Remy Hair Styling Trends to Wear and Flaunt this Season

Looking for a new hairstyle to flaunt this season? With the sun out and about once more, now is the perfect time to lay your hair down and explore new styles that are sure to attract the attention of friends and strangers alike. To help you get in style for the summer, you can get  virgin Remy hair extensions to give you more freedom in styling your hair and following these head-turning hairstyles:


Curls and Royal-Like

Dark curls are definitely going to be a hit this season since they are among the few hairstyles that complement any face shape. Curly hair is even more striking when done on medium length to long hair, something Remy hair extensions can help you achieve. Curls add volume and life to your hair, as well as give off the illusion of movement and flow not unlike, say, Naomi Campbell’s curls.

Meanwhile, if you’re after an added funk to your hairstyle, doing it royal-style is the way to go. With close-cropped bangs and a single, peek-a-boo highlight that adds an element of spunk to your hairdo, this hairstyle is recommended for any face shape, though it’s best done on long hair.

Glamor Girl

Women such as Octavia Spencer are admired as they walk down the red carpet because they are able to exude an aura of sophistication and glamor, made possible with their equally glamorous hairdo. If you opted to add a reddish hue to your hair, this hairstyle will definitely make you feel like a classy and sophisticated woman ready to face the cameras.

Bright Colors

Kat Graham and Nicki Minaj are just some of the many women who can comfortably and perfectly wear bright-colored hair. Not only are bright colors a hit among women, having them can also make you stand out in a crowd and make your face look glorious and bright. The fact that they fit any face shape is a bonus.


Flaunted by stars such as Tia Mowry, ombre hairstyles are definitely a hit among women nowadays. Having two-toned hair, with the top part colored differently from the bottom, will definitely give you a boost of confidence and turn heads anywhere you go.

Some women, however, might be skeptical about having these hairstyles for fear of making a mistake and their hair paying the price. This is where  quality virgin Remy hair comes in. It can give you a hairstyle update you wanted very much without having to compromise the health of your own hair. Fortunately, the best ones aren’t hard to find, thanks to shops such as Virgin Hair Fixx.

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