Available Hair Extensions Can Let You Have the Hair that You Want

Being fashionable nowadays involves a lot of effort and can be contradictory at times. Good examples of the inconsistent nature of fashion are the two current major trends in hairstyles: the textured bob and the modern beach wave. The former is a short cut that focuses on the texture and the volume of the hair rather than the length while the latter is a relaxed hairstyle that boasts long, wavy locks. Alternating between long and short hairstyles may seem impossible, but with  quality hair extensions, you can have the hairstyle you want when you want it.


What Hair Extensions Can Give You

The  virgin human hair extensions sold by online shops like Virgin Hair Fixx can provide two things that would help you successfully pull off both of the looks mentioned. First, hair extensions add length. If your hair doesn’t quite touch your shoulders, you can attach a few to your mane and add several inches. Second, hair extensions add volume. If you’ve got thin hair, you’ll want to restore body and volume to your tresses, making you look sexier and healthier.

How to Select Your Extensions

Now that you’ve decided on getting hair extensions, it’s time to choose which ones to use. Though synthetic hair extensions have their advantages, it’s better to use more natural ones. Harvested from living donors, human hair comes in different types from different regions, such as India and Malaysia. Some of them are chemically processed, but if you’re seeking the best in quality you’ll want untouched hair to be attached to your head.

The other factor in your selection should be how you want the extension to be fastened to your hair. Clip-ins are popular but they are only for temporary use. You can realistically expect to choose from bonding, tracking, and netting as your choice of affixing your hair extensions in the long term. Bonding uses heat and a bonding solution to glue hair together, while tracking is done by weaving the hair extensions into your current hair, and netting has your original hair placed under a net from which your original hair is attached.

Maintaining Hair Extensions

Your hair extensions will need to be taken care of if you want them to last. Using gentle brushes and avoiding heat are two general requirements. Hair products can be used, though a check of the ingredients will be needed so that bonded hair wouldn’t have the fused bonds dissolve. An occasional check with the local stylist every two weeks should ensure that you get the most out of your hair extensions.

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