An Overview of Remy Hair Extensions: It’s Time to Make the Switch

Remy hair extensions are widely known to be the best kind of hair extensions in the market. They have the most natural look, making them the top hair type to use for hairpieces and wigs. To explain why Remy hair is the hair extension to beat, consider the following facts:

What makes Remy hair special?

Remy hair consists of strands that have been collected from a single hair donor. The hair is cut, tied into a ponytail, and then preserved in this state. Remy hair has not undergone any chemical treatment whatsoever after it has been cut. It is cut off from the donor’s head all at once, ensuring that the cuticles are aligned in one direction; this method of cutting also ensures that the cuticles sustain the least amount of damage.

Remy hair types

You can purchase Remy hair single-drawn or double-drawn. Single-drawn Remy is made up of different lengths, while double-drawn Remy is a hair extension where every strand is of the same length. Double-drawn Remy is more expensive than single-drawn because of the added effort of ensuring that the whole bundle is equal lengthwise.

How to confirm Remy hair’s authenticity

There are three ways to tell if Remy hair is authentic or not. First is the cost; Remy hair is expensive so if it priced cheaply, you should be suspicious. Second, Remy hair has a lighter color at the bottom than at the top, which indicates that all the cuticles are in running in the same direction. Third, Remy hair should feel smooth if you run the hair between your fingers downwards and rough if you run your fingers in the opposite direction.

Remy hair applications

Remy hair can be matched to almost any hair texture. The aligned cuticles prevent the hair from tangling and keep it strong and shiny, so you can go about your normal activities without having to worry about damaging your  hair extensions; you can swim with it, wash it with regular shampoo, and use different hair products for it.

Installing Remy hair

The cost of installing Remy hair is separate from the cost of the hair itself. Although it can be expensive, it’s best to let a professional install the hair for you than to attempt to do it yourself to avoid complications.

Where find Remy hair extensions?

Quality Remy hair extensions are sold online by trusted hair shops like Virgin Hair Fixx.


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