Going for Hair Weaves? Fixx Yourself with Real Volume and Go Curly

Find natural voluminous look with Curly Weave Hair: Virgin Hair Fixx

Take the plunge and choose curly hair weave that will really give you a fresh, bold and bouncy look while still being natural, elegant, and classy. Curly hair weave is one of the most popular and most desired looks because of the big, bold statement it makes. Our Virgin Malaysian curly hair weave instantly provides you with a beautifully full-bodied look. Our products will undoubtedly enhance your style and will truly express the vibrancy of your personality.

At Virgin Hair Fixx, we offer only the most premium Malaysian Hair products available to celebrities, stylists and individuals. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products that money can buy and go through great efforts to ensure you our product will satisfy your every want. Because of this, our Curly Hair Weave is recommended nationally to satisfied customers.

All You Need to Know About Our Curly Hair Weave

Whether you are new to curly hair weave or have never experienced human hair extensions, allow Virgin Hair Fixx to personalize your first experience, making it a truly memorable one. With our knowledgeable staff and high quality products, we guarantee a customized and enjoyable purchase that you will want to share with the world.

  • Quality: Our Human Curly Weave, like all of our products, is made from 100% virgin Malaysian human hair that is entirely untreated. The quality of our human hair extensions is represented in the cuticles, which are kept intact and are purposefully aligned in a unidirectional style. Not only will this deliver a more polished look, it was also keep the hair fine, soft and tangle-free, making maintenance a breeze.
  • Durability: It is by studying our hair cuticles that you can see the true durability of our weaves. By keeping them intact, the hair maintains its natural ability to withstand more wear and tear than other brands, without compromising the look, feel or quality.
  • Flexibility: The beauty about choosing curly hair weave is that you have the best of both worlds. Our curly hair can be treated with heat, allowing you to style our hair whichever way you want. This means that you are empowered to achieve any look you want, such as bone-straight, flowing beach waves, or just simply let it curl into beautiful tendrils in its natural state.

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