Versatile Hair Extensions Let You Look Like a Celebrity With Style

It’s no secret that people, women in particular, often want to copy the hairstyles of celebrities, especially when they see these stars walk down the red carpet in their glamorous do’s. Ranging from Miranda Kerr’s side-swept glamorous locks that evoke old-school Hollywood glamor, to Emilia Clark’s soft tousled look that lends a pretty air about her, these hairstyles help stars deliver a great impression on fans and viewers.

The problem with copying these hairdos is that they sometimes need hair that you don’t have. Thankfully, with  quality hair extensions in the market, you can soon be sporting celebrity looks that can turn people’s heads. Here are some hairstyles that hair extensions can help with.


The sort of curls that you’ll want to run your fingers through is possible with the help of virgin Remy hair extensions from providers like Virgin Hair Fixx. The terms “virgin” and “remy” are important in choosing hair extensions. “Virgin” extensions refer to those which make use of natural hair that has never seen any chemical treatment or processing; while “remy” uses natural hair with the cuticles still intact. These qualities not only make the hair lustrous and smooth, but also durable and easy to style.

This is especially important when curling, which usually involves the use of heating tongs, and clipping hair onto rollers. The curling process may damage some hair extensions, especially those of the synthetic variety. Virgin remy hair, on the other hand, can withstand these conditions better.


Whether it’s a low ponytail worn near the back of your head, or a side pony close to your ears, hair extensions with the right length can give you that stylish smooth-locked look. Comb the hair carefully to achieve the right smoothness and volume. You can ask a stylist for help in positioning the weaves or closures to better facilitate the style. You’ll also want to be careful that your hair won’t get tangled when sporting this hairdo, so regular combing would be a good idea.


If you want a simple and ethereal effect to your personal look, nothing beats getting long wavy hair. However, it may not work on some women; consider your hair texture and the shape of your face when setting your sights on this style. The ideal extension length for impressive wavy styles is around 20 inches.

These are just a few of the styles that you can have using hair extensions. Check out providers of quality hair extensions like Virgin Hair Fixx to see the many options that are available to you.

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