Natural-Looking Hair Extensions: Helpful Tips on Picking the Right One

Ever wanted to have a full head of flowing hair but can’t wait for your hair to naturally grow out? Then hair extensions may just be the thing for you. Many celebrities who have been sporting long, wavy locks are getting help from hair extensions. That said, choosing the perfect hair extensions for you is essential to acquire that natural-looking volume and bounce.


Types of Hair Extensions

There are a variety of hair extension types to choose from, depending on category. Hair extensions may be grouped according to how they are attached, which is basically done in three ways: fusion, tape-in, and weave.

Fusion is the process wherein individual strands are fused together with your natural hair via heat treatment. Tape-in hair extensions make use of wefts that are attached to small areas on your hair through double-sided tape. Finally, donning a weave entails braiding your natural hair in rows, usually from ear to ear. Wefts of hair extensions are then woven onto the braids using thread.

Attaching fusion hair extensions take longer, as each strand is placed individually – some procedures reach up to three hours to complete. Tape-in hair extensions and hair weaves are the most time-efficient, with the procedure lasting around an hour or two. Fusion hair extensions last longer but are not reusable. Once removed, they cannot be put back on. Weaves and tape-in hair, on the other hand, may be removed and re-attached. They are also priced lower than fusion hair, making them the more affordable options.

Fusion and tape-in hair are suitable for most hair types, but weaves are recommended for African-American hair which generally has the strength needed for corn row braids.


Hair extensions may also be categorized according to the type of hair used, with the two main types being synthetic and natural, human hair extensions. Synthetic hair is the cheaper option, but has many limitations. It can be difficult to style, is prone to tangles, and is not always heat resistant.

Human hair extensions, on the other hand, come in different varieties that affect quality. Many experts say the most ideal type is virgin Remy hair, which comes from natural hair that has never seen any processing, and with the cuticles still intact. Virgin Remy hair extensions from suppliers like Virgin Hair Fixx are known for retaining the softness, silkiness, and strength of natural hair.

The way they are attached and their composition are just two of the factors to consider in choosing hair extensions. You also need to find one that closely matches your natural hair color and texture. This will make it easier for the extensions to blend in with your real hair, and look as natural as possible.

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