Debunking Myths that Keep Several Women Away from a Virgin Hair Weave

If there’s two things that apparently seem as perfect for each other as can be, it would be these: Hollywood and hair extensions. You’ve seen A-Listers like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Janet Jackson seemingly defy hair length conventions by rocking both short and long hairstyles alternately and in a narrow span of time—their sleek, long locks normally attributed to the likes of a high-quality Malaysian hair weave.

A number of people share varied reasons when they opt for a lovely virgin hair weave from sellers like Virgin Hair Fixx. Some are looking for a way to camouflage their damaged tresses, a few are looking to “normalize” their stage of growing their hair out, and an additional more simply desire a new look. Then again, while hair extensions get a good share of the spotlight thanks to their red carpet-strutting bearers, not everyone understands them well enough. This then leads to a variety of misconceptions related to hair extensions. Here are some of them:

Myth #1: They’re Bad News for Natural Hair

If applied by a trained professional, hair extensions do no damage at all. All in all, the secret to preventing damage to natural hair is appropriate application and adequate after-care. Another topic within this involves the belief that extensions stunt natural hair growth—another completely wrong idea. As natural hair grows, the extensions will simply get pushed down and would need a routine readjustment to bring them back closer to the roots where they should appear to begin.

Myth #2: They Can’t Be Brushed

One really can’t use a conventional hairbrush with tougher bristles on hair extensions, but that doesn’t mean that weaves can’t be brushed entirely. There’s a special type of brush that uses soft plastic loops instead of bristles that’s specifically designed to comb hair without pulling at the bonds.

Myth #3: They Limit Lifestyles

Provided that extensions are made from authentic human hair, they can be treated the same way natural hair is treated. Activities like swimming, going into saunas and steam rooms, and even hairstyling wouldn’t even make them budge, provided they’re applied properly to begin with.

Myth #4: They Look Fake

This is yet another question alluding to proper application: nobody would even notice hair extensions if they’re applied by a trained professional. Extensions are specifically meant to resemble natural hair from every conceivable angle, which is further made possible by special cutting and styling techniques.


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