Blending Virgin Hair Extensions with Real Hair: Some Expert Advice

Years ago, hair extensions are the well-kept secret of many celebrities achieving a glamorous look anywhere they go. Now, celebrities aren’t the only one relying on hair extensions, and there’s no denying that more women are turning to these hair pieces to give their hair more life and volume.


Once blended in properly, extensions can pass off as your own without anyone even noticing, while badly-applied ones would only turn into a disaster. If you wish to invest in  quality virgin hair extensions, here are some expert advice you need to know before and after buying one to have extensions that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Choosing the Right One

Choose the one that closely resembles your own hair to make it look as natural as possible. It wouldn’t do for you to choose a blonde-colored hairpiece when you’re naturally brunette, or opting for a hair color that clashes with your skin tone.

The next thing you should consider is the length of the extensions. Though it’s easy enough to match the extensions’ length to your natural hair, if it does get too long or short, it’s still advised to choose the one that’s neither too long nor too short. To know for certain, you should be able to consider what you really plan when acquiring extensions: are you looking to add volume or length to your hair?

Lastly, if you really want to achieve that natural look, opt for 100 percent  natural virgin hair extensions, the best of which you can get from shops such as Virgin Hair Fixx. This is among the most sought-after type of hair extensions available in the market, since you can treat and style them the same way you do your natural hair and feel very much like your own.

Fitting your Extensions

There are a lot of helpful instruction videos on YouTube teaching the best ways you can fit your hair extensions, but the general rule of thumb is If you need to do some adjustments because the extensions seem to look out of place or unnatural, it’s advised that you seek guidance first from hair professionals so you can be sure you’re not damaging both your natural hair and your extensions. A common trick, however, would be to first apply hairspray to your natural hair and wait until it hardens. Once these are in place, you can try lightly ruffling the hair using your fingertips for the extensions to mix with your natural hair. Don’t hesitate to cut off some parts here and there, especially if the length looks unnatural.

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